Religious Education

Our 2018 Christmas Pageant was a wonderful event for our families, we look forward to 2019!

Photo courtesy of Marian Violaris

Youth Choir announced, click here for more details

2019 Class Schedule:

March 17th (Sunday)- Class (Orthodoxy Sunday)

Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession in Sanctuary for grades 3-5

Oratorical Festival in Class Workhshop

March 20th (Wednesday) - 2nd Presanctified Liturgy:Psalms read by grades 3-6

March 24th (Sunday) - Class (St. Gregory Palamas Sunday)

March 27th (Wednesday) - 3rd Presanctified Liturgy

Parish Oratorical Festival

March 31st (Sunday) - Class (Sunday of Holy Cross) 

April 7th (Sunday) - Class (St. John Climacus)

April 10th (Wednesday) - 5th Presanctified Liturgy: Psalms ready by 7-12th grades

April 14th (Sunday) - Class (St. Mary of Egypt)

April 20th - Saturday - Saturday of Lazarus: Psalm folding after liturgy

April 21st (Sunday) - Class (Psalm Sunday)

April 28th (Sunday) - No Class (Pascha)

May 5th (Sunday) - Class

May 12th (Sunday) - Class, Mother's Day Poems

May 19th (Sunday) - Last day of class reception