GOYA is our middle school and high school youth program and is facilitated by elected officers and mentored by a parent advisory panel as well as our Youth Director, Dean Tiggas.  You may contact Dean Tiggas with any questions at tiggasd@vagocathedral.org.


Sunday, April 15:  Basketball Practices

Tuesday, April 17: GOYA Officers Applications Due

Sunday, April 22:  GOYA Bake Sale following Liturgy

Sunday, April 22:  Basketball Practices

April 28th - 29th:  Baltimore Basketball Tournament

2018 GOYA Officers Description and Application

GOYA Officers 2017/18

President: Zacharia Kovanes 
Vice Presidents: Nikos Mouris and Yianni Spears 
Treasurers: Laney Reed and Mercer Reed 
Corresponding Secretary: Julia Grossman  
Recording Secretary: Katerina Kovanes 
Historian: Katerina Routsis
Social Coordinator: Dori Mouris