GOYA is our middle school and high school youth program and is facilitated by elected officers and mentored by a parent advisory panel as well as our Youth Director, Dean Tiggas.  You may contact Dean Tiggas with any questions at tiggasd@vagocathedral.org.



Community Awards Scholarship Application, click here.  Submissions must be received by April 16th.

In Person Sunday School

Religious Education for our middle and high school students has resumed in person every other week, the lesson will also be virtual for those who cannot attend: March 28th, April 11th and May 9th.

Although GOYA year will be missing some events which have become staples due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, GOYA will still be happening.  Each month we will have a discussion and fellowship night for each age group where GOYAns can participate both in person and via Zoom. Large spaces, social distancing and mask wearing will be practiced by all who choose to participate in person. Check our online calendar for dates and grades, click here.

In addition to the fellowship and discussion nights, we have also decided to open up the Dombalis Hall as a study hall of sorts for our GOYAns who are currently learning from home, to come and do their virtual work at church. The goal of this is to give the GOYAns a chance to have some amount of fellowship while still doing their work. We are working on trying to have a professional educator to also be present to help the GOYAns when needed.

Congratulations to our seniors class of 2020!!  Click here to see our graduates.

GOYA Basketball (cancelled until further notice)

Girls start time is 5:00pm (changed from 4:30)

Boys B start time is 6:00pm and Boys A start time is 7:00pm

GOYA Officers 2019/2020

President: Ero Spears 
Vice Presidents: Katie Dunn, Dori Mouris
Treasurers: Yorgos Flegas, Anthony Maratos 
Corresponding Secretary: Anastasia Rubis  
Recording Secretary and Social Coordinator: A.K. Canavos

Congratulations to the 2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Benedict J. Loucas, AHEPA Scholarship in memory of James T. Sotos

Samuel Loucas, AHEPA Scholarship

Ero Spears, AHEPA Scholarship

Joseph Chavez, AHEPA Scholarship in memory of Paul Dracos

Alexis Spears, Gordon Cameron Scholarship

Ethan Hawkins, Gordon Cameron Scholarship

Thalia Tymowski, Alexander J. Dimitriou Scholarship

Zachary Edwards, Rev. Constantine Dombalis Scholarship

Zoe Alexis Long, Daughters of Penelope Scholarship

Alexis Collins, Nicholas Flaskas Scholarship

Natalie C. King, Alexander and Kay Kissal Scholarship

Nikos Mouris, Manuel and Carolyn Loupassi Scholarship

Theodore L. Singletary, Voola and Panos Midis Scholarship

Kathryn E. Dunn, Katherine Norton Scholarship

Dimitri B. Georgiadis, Jack and Demie Null Scholarship

Jane Doxey Loupassi, Pan-Cretan Scholarship

Yanna - Sophia Violaris, Philoptochos Scholarship

Katarina Kovanes, Philoptochos Scholarship

Anastasia Edwards, Dr. Paul Rubis Scholarship

Daniel D. Bazianos, Dr. Paul Rubis Scholarship

Rebecca Ann Rafalowski, Dr. Paul Rubis Scholarship