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AHEPA Minute – June 2021

AHEPA and the DOP co-sponsored this year’s Community Awards Banquet on Sunday May 23, to honor and wish well our young students as they begin and continue their higher education journey of learning. Some Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted which allowed us to have a face-to-face celebration in the Dombalis Hall, and still keeping our safety precautions. A record number of 86 attended, including High School graduates, College graduates, Scholarship recipients and their families with parents and pappou and yiayia.

Our celebration started with welcoming remarks by John Bletsos and the invocation prayer, offered by Fr. Nicholas. After enjoying a ready-to-serve Greek “pikilia” and dessert, Dean Tiggas, our Youth Director and Pastoral Assistant, gave an inspiring, creative, audience-interactive presentation on the views, the feelings, and emotions of both the young graduates and their parents. We were all engaged and learned! Thank you, Dean!

We followed up with the presentation of scholarships by John Bletsos, President of AHEPA, Linda Tsironis Caruthers, President of DOP, Barbara Bambacus President of Philoptochos and Fr. Nicholas, Dean of the Cathedral, who presented the scholarships for the rest of the Cathedral organizations.

The AHEPA scholarships for 2021 are the following in alphabetical order

  • Demitra Elena Chavez, daughter of Al and Connie Chavez. Demitra will attend the VCU School of Medicine.
  • Benedict Joseph Loucas, son of Jonathan and Krista Loucas. Ben is a sophomore in Spanish and International Studies at Longwood U.
  • Helena Kristina Loucas, AHEPA Scholarship in memory of Paul Dracos. Helena is the daughter of Jonathan and Krista Loucas and will study Environmental Science at Longwood U.
  • Calista Ringas, daughter of Evangelos and Elizabeth Ringas. Kalista will study Global Health and Spanish at Duke U.
  • Alexis Nicole Spears, daughter of John and Denise Spears. Alexis is a sophomore in Nursing at Longwood U.
  • Jonathan Yianni Spears, AHEPA Scholarship in memory of John T. Sotos. Yianni is the son of Tony and Mia Spears and is a sophomore in Architecture at the University of Virginia.

Bravo and congratulations to all of you graduates, scholarship recipients and your families! Good luck in your studies! We applaud you and wish you the best in your future! Remember Homer's phrase in Iliad "Αιέν αριστεύειν..." which means "always strive for excellence..." Do try to practice it, not only in your studies but in your lives too!

We continued with the recognition awards of Sister of the Year by the DOP and the AHEPAN of the Year.

The E in AHEPA stands for Education. We are proud of our long history of supporting education that started in the late 80’s and has grown since then to more than $130,000 in scholarship awards. The AHEPA scholarship fund started with seed money and donations, and it has grown through wise investments and fundraising events that we sponsor and you the community support. We thank you for that support!

But these generous scholarship awards would not have been possible without the active “management” and wise decisions that our Investment Committee has made through the years in good and challenging times.

The AHEPANs of the Year for 2021 are the Investment Committee (in order of seniority): John Halages, Gus Catherines, Paul Christofakis, and Scott Gerard.

Congratulation brothers! We and the Cathedral Community thank you for your service!

We also thank Mike Hall, John Toutsi, Paul Christofakis of the AHEPA Scholarship Committee and Andy Ziu and Scott Gerard from the Board for their wise scholarship decisions.

This event was made possible by many who worked in the background to make it a success

  • Fr. Nick, Athina Plaka and Caroline Moses. We thank you!
  • Our distinguished brothers in alphabetical order Evangelos Axarlis, Nicholas Bambacus, Al Chavez, Jonathan Loucas, Dave Meyers and Evangelos Ringas, who set up and served us. We thank you brothers!
  • Our sisters of the DOP for their support and help to set up!

Our next AHEPA meeting will be on June 10. We will pause in July and August and resume in September.

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A nationally affiliated organization whose purpose is to promote and retain the values of Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family and Individual Excellence. The organization is comprised of men in our congregation who meet monthly and provide support to our community through fellowship scholarships and other social activities.
John Bletsos, President